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Ariel gets a new jib

Well, the original thirty-three-year-old jib finally packed it in the other day (July 8) in a moderate 15 knot wind.  Age and UV exposure resulted in a horizontal rip from the clew toward the luff.  We were chugging along when the jib suddenly split with a POP.  We furled it and headed for home under staysail and main.  Once back in harbor, we had a heck of a time removing the jib because it had folded on itself before furling, making it impossible to unfurl the sail to lower it.  To say it came down in shreds is no exaggeration.

Cutting the old jib away.

I got to work on a new jib I had designed over the winter and finished it up on Monday, July 16.  It fits perfectly and performs well.  We got out the other day in about 12 knots.  The jib looked great and allowed us to point higher.  There’s nothing like a nice, crispy new sail.

The new jib pulling nicely.

An Ariel Canvas & Sails original!

Dad models the new jib (with lowered clew).

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