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FOR SALE: Sta-Lok Fittings

I have a collection of NEW Sta-Lok fittings for sale. Please see the inventory below. I’d be willing to make a deal on the whole lot or on partial lots. Email or comment here if you are interested.

5/32″ wire:
6 qty – Terminal Studs with 5/16″ threads – $20.00/each (Retail: $28.00/each)
9/32″ wire:
IMG_9807 IMG_9797
12 qty – Fork with 7/16″ pin – 45.00/each (Retail: $67.00/each)
6 qty – Eye with 1/2″ pin hole – 35.00/each (Retail: $44.00/each)
8 qty – Terminal Stud w/ 1/2″ thread – $45.00/each (Retail: $53.00/each)
5/16″ wire:
IMG_9807 IMG_9803
12 qty – Fork with 1/2″ pin – $64.00/each (Retail: $80.00/each)
7 qty – Eye with 5/8″ pin hole – $45.00/each (Retail: $66.00/each)
10 qty – Terminal Stud w/ 1/2″ thread – 50.00/each (Retail: $62.00)
3/8″ wire: (CD36 Bobstay, by the way)
14 qty – Fork with 5/8″ pin – $76.00/each (Retail: $100.00)
2 qty – Eye with 5/8″ pin hole – $67.00/each (Retail: $81.00)
8 qty – Terminal Stud w/ 5/8″ thread – $70.00 (Retail: $89.00) 

And just in case you have 7/16″ rigging :):

7/16″ wire Eye with with 3/4″ pin hole – $100.00 (Retail: $200.00)

Time to replace standing rigging

Ariel rolled off the Cape Dory production line in 1979. As far as we know, her standing rigging is original. Even though she’s a freshwater boat and spends half of her life on the hard each year, her rigging – which is in great shape for its age – is now 36 years old. Most riggers out there will probably tell you that 10-15 years in a saltwater environment means it’s time to replace. Take into consideration life as a freshwater boat, and 20-25  might be pushing it. Since we’re not eager to push our luck anymore than we have, Ariel’s getting all new standing rigging, including bronze Hayn turnbuckles.

I know a lot of boat owners decide to go up one wire size when re-rigging because 316 wire is a tad weaker than 304, but I decided to keep the wire sizes the same – 9/32″ and 1/4″ – primarily because I already had on-hand enough Sta-Lok mechanical fittings to handle the cap shrouds, backstay, and headstay. (Sadly, I have a stack of 5/16″ fittings, but the pin sizes are 5/8″ instead of the necessary 1/2″).

Based upon recommendations within the CD community, I ordered wire and fittings through Rigging Only out of Fairhaven, MA. Rather than spend a lot of extra money for Sta-Loks all around, I ordered swaged toggle fittings for the upper ends of the intermediates and lower shrouds. The lower ends will be Sta-Lok threaded studs attached to new bronze turnbuckles. Ordering enough Sta-Loks for all the wire would have increased the cost more than a couple hundred dollars, too much of a stretch for an already-stretched budget.

For anyone considering re-rigging, here’s a list of parts and cost:

ArielRiggingIntermediates ArielRiggingLowerShrouds ArielRiggingLowerStaysail ArielRiggingMasthead

Since no post is complete without a picture, here’s one of the mast ready to be pulled last fall.


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