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Summer’s End

The season wraps up suddenly in these parts. Thursday evening was sunny with a 12-15kt NW’erly, and today it’s small craft advisory with gale warnings.

I slipped the lines around six Thursday evening and sailed till after dark, arriving in the slip around 9:30pm. I was hoping to catch the last salmon of the season, so I tucked a reef in the main and partially furled the jib to slow Ariel down to trolling speed. Despite my efforts, she’s just too good of a sailor: she kept on moving at a brisk 4.7kts, even though I’d eased her main and jib to the point of luffing. It was a lovely evening – absolutely perfect.

photo 1

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I stopped by the marina today to check on Ariel and submit the haul out paperwork. The surge from today’s┬ástorm has raised the water level considerably, especially since Lake Michigan is up about 15″ over last year’s level. Ariel normally sits with her deck about 1-2′ lower than the dock level. She’s sitting almost even with the docks now.

photo 4 photo 2

photo 1

Haul out is scheduled for October 10. Here’s hoping we can get in one or two more sails before then.

It’s a Wrap

Once again the season has ended all too soon. Ariel came out of the water Monday, October 14, and she’s now resting on her cradle, a long, cold winter ahead of her. May it pass quickly!

I’d originally scheduled haulout for Friday, but there was a chance my dad could come up for one last sail, so I pushed the date back. I’m glad I did. We loaded the family on the boat Saturday and had a pleasant sail, despite gray skies, drizzle, and the chance of thunderstorms.

IMG_1436Crew for the day included cousins Ryan and Kari, my mom’s good friend Larch, my boys, and mom and dad.

We enjoyed a leisurely sail in about 8kts of wind and counted our blessings that the day – although not perfect – was at least nice enough to get on the water one last time.

We pulled Ariel into her slip in a light rain, snugged her up, and said goodbye, thinking we’d had the last sail of the season.

Well, Sunday dawned bright, breezy, clear and crisp – and in the words of John Masefield, “the call of the running tide is wild call and a clear call that may not be denied.” My dad and I headed back out on the lake for THE last sail of the season. And what a sail!

Ariel cleared the channel and charged into a boisterous Lake Michigan under single-reeefed main and jib with WNW winds blowing a fresh 18kts. As we sailed farther offshore, the waves got bigger and the wind gusted into the 20s. Ariel, ever graceful, took both wind and waves in stride, steaming along at hull speed. What a day!


Reluctantly, we pointed Ariel’s bow toward shore so we could get her ready for haul out the next morning. Even so, we covered more than 20nm. Beyond that, both of us had the last sail we’d been hoping for. Back in the slip we stripped Ariel’s sails and thanked her for another wonderful season.

Sails stripped and ready for haul out.

Sails stripped and ready for haul out.

Love sailing with this guy!

Good times with my dad!


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