LED Bulb Upgrade for an Old Guest Anchor Light


Many boats use masthead-mounted anchor lights, but some may still be using the older Guest anchor light (pictured above) that hangs in the rigging. While the Guest lights don’t exude the charm and tradition of a paraffin lantern, they have the advantage of being seen more easily than masthead lights, which tend to blend in with a starry sky or tower high above a boat powering nearby, and the large 6v battery will last for a couple hundred hours. The standard incandescent bulbs, however, leave a little to be desired in terms of luminosity.

Good news: There is an affordable LED replacement that not only burns longer with less energy but also burns brighter than the incandescent. I purchased and installed one prior to our month-long summer cruise, and it worked well. It was much easier to spot from shore in a crowded anchorage than the old incandescent, and it burns as bright as many masthead lights.


There may be other suppliers out there, but I purchased mine for 6.95 + shipping from eLite, part T3-1/4 (10mm) Miniature Bayonet (BA9s) Base LED Bulb. The company responded promptly to my order, notifying me of invoice receipt and shipment date. The bulb arrived quickly and well packaged. Time will tell just how long the bulb will last, but we spent some 25 nights at anchor already this summer.

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