Sunrise, Sunset

Quickly fly the years. I was looking through an external hard drive of old images and came across this one of my little man, who was always ready to help his daddy. This picture was taken almost ten years ago to the day.


Jake has been my faithful companion and “helper” since he was just a little guy. Notice the socket in his hand and Ariel in the background. I had taken a break from repairing the damaged bowsprit to play with my boy and shoot a few photos with my 3.1M Canon Powershot G1 (haha!). It seems I was better back then at putting first things first. What a precious boy and moment. As life has gotten busier and more complicated, I find myself missing time with my boys more and more. It’s crazy just how complicated life gets. This is a good reminder of what matters most!


And here’s another one, this time of a father-son dinghy outing. Jake must have been about three here. It turns out he was a natural!


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