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It’s hard to believe July is nearing its end (why, oh why, do you have to go so fast summer?!) I’ve been keeping myself busy with a few projects here and there. A month ago I said goodbye to my trusty Sailrite LSZ-1 sewing machine and hello to a new long-arm industrial ziz-zag machine, as well as a dedicated heavy-duty straight-stitch machine. The new long-arm has already completed two projects: a 7oz jib for an Ericson 29 and an 8oz staysail for Ariel. Working with the new machine has been a significant improvement over the LSZ-1 in terms of underarm space and needle penetration. The only time it struggled was while sewing the webbing in the thick corner assemblies during the final stages, and I think the issue had more to do with presser foot lift than cloth thickness, which approached 100 oz in some places.  Here are a few detail pics of Ariel’s staysail construction:

IMG_3603 Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.22.53 AM

Pictures of the staysail flying will have to wait till my parents return from their cruising. (Yes, I know, too bad the staysail wasn’t done before they left).

My trusty Sailrite LSZ-1. We made dodgers, sails, biminis, and performed scores of sail repairs together.

My trusty Sailrite LSZ-1. We made dodgers, sails, biminis, and performed scores of sail repairs together. It’s hard to believe just how much I was able to do with this little workhorse. Oh, and the timing was still perfect when I sold it.

Most recently, I’ve been working on a main and jib for an ’88 Hobie Holder MKII that I picked up a few years ago. Once those sails are done, the Hobie will be for sale to offset the cost of my new machine.

We got in a short sailing trip up the coast before I started an intensive language course. We made it as far north as Grand Haven, then returned home for the Fourth. (Pics to follow).

All in all, it’s been a fairly productive summer. No major trips for the boys and me, but my parents (and their fur babies, as they call the dogs) are having a fun time working their way north. Who knows, maybe Carrie, the boys and I will drive north and relieve my parents of the return trip south. We shall see.

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