Around the Yard

I stopped by Ariel this evening – a typically blustery fall evening – to see how she was doing on the hard, and I noticed this on a neighboring boat:

photo 1That’s an in-mast furling mainsail unfurling itself on a windy October day. The owner of this boat has a reputation for carelessness, and I wasn’t willing to let his carelessness pose a threat to other boats, so I grabbed a ladder, climbed aboard, and furled the sail in tight. (Haulout last year revealed that this guy had had a line wrapped tightly around his prop shaft for some time.)

Once aboard it was clear that the sail was continuing to unfurl itself little by little.

photo 2






I imagine the situation could have gotten a little interesting in an hour or two.

Never a dull moment in the boatyard.

I noticed this little number on the headstay of a boat parked behind Ariel:

photo-20The stuff you see around the yard can be pretty scary – fitting, I suppose, for October. And since this is posted in the Techniques/Tips section: Boat owners: Put your toys away properly. Remove sails for the winter. And give those cotter pins a bend.

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