Quick trip to White Lake

My brother and his family were here from California for a bit, so we squeezed in a quick trip to White Lake just before the Fourth.  We loaded up the boat with five adults, two kids, and a 5 week-old Pomeranian puppy.

We hit Holland and Grand Haven on the way north, then spent a couple days tied up at the Whitehall Municipal Marina. The water was even thinner this season than last, and Ariel nosed into a slip until she was sitting on the bottom. We passed our time in Whitehall fishing, shopping in the small downtown areas, replacing a split hose in the freshwater system, and enjoying hanging out together.  The weather was generally nice, although the wind rarely cooperated.

Mom and Dad relaxing.

Josh hanging out on the bow, heading north.

Tied up in Grand Haven. Spent the night on the wall.

Josh and Christian playing in the v-berth.

Impressive clouds

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