My Ongoing Alberg 30 Restoration

Seven years ago I took on the restoration of a 1964 Alberg 30 because I didn’t have enough going on already. I mean, I was only upgrading and maintaining Ariel, raising a two-year-old son, performing minor renovations on our first home, and working full time so it wasn’t like I was very busy.

Well, the project didn’t move as quickly as I’d anticipated (big surprise) and the boat has been safely tucked away in our driveway (of our new home) awaiting some restoration lovin’.

Winters in Michigan can be awfully long and very boring. With the first hint of winter thaw, I jumped back into the project and have been making fairly decent progress for a few weeks now.

I’ve been documenting my progress – meager as it is – on a separate blog. If you’re interested in following that project, feel free to stop by the Alberg 30 Project.

One Response to My Ongoing Alberg 30 Restoration

  1. Dad says:

    Great blog! And the Alberg restoration blog is great as well. Nice work. Make me seasick! Wait! I don’t think that’s the right term. Lets see: “homesick” is longing for home, “lovesick” is longing for live. Why wouldn’t “seasick” mean “longing to be afloat”?

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