Everyone Loves a Pretty Neighbor

Our marina neighbor Ron Rueckwald owns a beautiful and lovingly maintained Morgan 42MKII that has captured the attention of many a dock walker. A little over a year ago I asked Ron and his wife, Dorinda, if I could interview them and write a feature about them and their boat for Good Old Boat Magazine, my favorite boat mag. They agreed, and I went to work and submitted the piece to Good Old Boat in December of 2011. Interviewing Ron and Dorinda was a lot of fun, and the story almost wrote itself. I even had the privilege of interviewing the boat’s designer, Charlie Morgan.

The article is available in pdf format via the links below.


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  1. Scott Joyce says:

    Hello there! Just wondered if you were still neighbors with the Rueckwalds. I would love to get some info about Morgan 42s from them. Of all the sources on the internet it seems like they might know the boat best! Thanks in advance.

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