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Ever done this?

Last summer, while getting ready for the Mac Race, I decided to test my life vest before replacing the expired inflation pack, per race regulations. Nothing too exciting, but if you’ve never seen one of these things in action, here you go. You’ll notice in the video that I discovered a strobe already attached to the vest – after I bought two others specifically for the race. Oh well.

It turns out that the recharge kits for this particular vest runs around $75. Ouch! I suspect the charge was perfectly fine, but it had expired about four years prior.

Video: Smooth Sailing

Video: Blisters and barrier coat

Ariel was hauled out today, prompting a few thoughts on osmotic blisters and barrier coating a hull. The portion of the video that got cut off at the end essentially posits that a hull in good condition, without evidence of osmotic blisters, should NOT be barrier coated.

Mac Race video compilation

Readers of the blog might recall that I raced in the Chicago-Mac Race this summer. Here’s a brief video I put together for the skipper and crew of Elixir, the boat I crewed aboard.

Summer 2009 Slideshow

I stumbled upon this slideshow of our 2009 summer cruise on my dad’s YouTube channel. I’d forgotten he put it together.

CA to Hawaii Video

Here’s a nicely done video of a gentleman’s passage from CA to Hawaii.


Cool Alberg 30 Refit Videos

One of these days I hope to have the A30 that’s languishing in my driveway looking like this. James Baldwin does nice work. Yep, I’m jealous.


Summer 2008 Sailing Video

I have several sailing videos on my YouTube channel, but I’ve never shared them here. In 2008 we sailed north to Charlevoix. This video documents part of that trip.

Fast-Forward Fall Frolic

Two hours of fall sailing compressed into a few minutes. The cold hasn’t really hit yet, and already I’m dreaming of spring. I shot this video Fall of 2013.

Winterizing the Perkins 4.108

I’m not an marine diesel expert, but I’ve been maintaining Ariel and her systems for over 10 years now without incident. A few years ago I put this video together and posted it to YouTube. If you need to winterize a Perkins 4.108 – or similar engine – perhaps this video will be a help.

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